👀 What is Command Tech <>?

Command Tech <> is a youth-led organization that uses technology to empowers female and non-binary students.


To show that we, female and non-binary students, can also take command of technology. For us, a job in tech is not the end goal. Instead, it is the showing that we will not be limited by our gender and also have a place wherever we choose.

Vision 👁:

To reach female and non-binary students around the world and help them achieve their dreams and goals!

🤔 How is Command Tech <> different?

Command Tech <> focuses its efforts on areas ( eg. Malaysia ) that do not have similar initiatives and opportunities. Besides our unique target audiences, we provide opportunities that are hard to come by.

We’re currently working on:

Our Team ❤️

You will find that in our team, every has a voice. We focus on collaboration and a healthy work environment. Hopefully, you will find yourself bonding with all of us. We work with soft deadlines and are very understanding of other commitments ( so long you are being sincere ).